Why some men date wrong Russian brides

If you have convinced yourself you are a pathetic, low-life subbie who is worthy only of an ugly female sociopath, think harder. Low self-esteem is a sure-fire way to a relationship failure when you are dating Russian brides. Even if you have often failed in a relationship and ended up with a wrong woman, this […]

Hiring Companionship in the City

We all know that visiting a city on your own can be a lonely experience. For men, especially, they crave the company of beautiful women to fill their days in the city with excitement. Not everyone can find a companion at the last minute or have access to gorgeous women 24/7. Only a professional escort […]

How To Look Hot In A Selfie

We live in the age of the selfie, and we’re here to tell you how to look your best in one.  Selfies are essential for social media, dating profiles, everyday life…there’s no situation which can’t be improved by a selfie (Even science agrees)! But how do you look hot in one?  This is important, because […]

How To Impress Your Partner On First Date

Most men usually take it easy while planning a first date with someone, they feel comfortable with a movie or going out for dinner. There is nothing wrong with this strategy since it has been proven to go well because of how easy it is. But there is a tiny catch, it is the most […]

Choose A Companion For A Fun Filled London Visit

Living the same mundane existence as a high flying executive can sometimes become very boring. And to add to your woes, your office sends you frequently to London where you have to attend functions, meetings and parties all alone. You feel so low when you see your other colleagues pitying your lonely existence and flaunting […]


It happened that I was checking online for some replacement and a new sex toy or two to satisfy my cravings and that of a friend of mine. I bought a few cock rings and this cool fleshlight that really does some amazing things and no, I won’t tell you what it does, go figure. […]


Cock rings are adult toys that you can find at your physical sex store or online adult sex store. It is a ring that is placed on your penis. It is a sex toy that works its magic by simply trapping the blood in your penis which alters the look of your penis size wise, […]