7 Ways to Spice Up Your Party in Sydney

Just by being in Sydney you can feel like a winner. It’s the city where you can live so many of your dreams. No matter what you’re celebrating, you’re feeling insanely lucky to simply be there. Still, you may want to see how much you can get from the experience. Your party can be spiced up in many ways; see the suggestions below and offer yourself a truly unforgettable experience in Sydney.

  1. Hire a dancer

Male or female, Sydney dancers are known for their smiles, carefree attitude and professionalism. They can liven up any party and make everyone else dance to the rhythm – or just stare in amazement. You may opt for exotic dancers if you like or consider a specific theme to be reflected in their costumes. Polynesian hula dancing is one of the favourites these days.

  1. Sexy waitress service

Why not take the party a notch further and entertain your guests with some splendid hot waitresses? Drinks will be served by alluring women dressed in some seriously sexy outfits. Lingerie waitresses Sydney are certain to make people order more frequently than usual and stick around for as long as possible. There is also the option to hire topless muscular males as waiters, so the ladies aren’t left aside. In the world of adult entertainment in Sydney, these services are very popular nowadays, as locals and visitors alike opt for sexy waiters and waitresses for the stag or hen night parties.

  1. Trivia with a twist

Trivia makes for a fun way to compete against each other but also to find out some interesting, amusing, intriguing or totally unbelievable facts. Have this at your event and you will surely liven up the atmosphere. If you’re the naughty type, you can opt for X-rated trivia topics and have fun at the replies your friends give.

  1. The task list

Make it crazy, sexy or downright embarrassing – it’s your choice. Create a list of task for the most important person to complete: birthday boy or girl, bride- or groom-to-be. For example, you can hand them some unexpected objects to sell and thus make money for their drinks, otherwise they won’t get any. Make them accomplish whatever you want and watch the hilarious events unfold.

  1. Fancy dress paintball

Have your group wear their party attire and go to a paintball facility. It’s a lot of fun to see them struggle to make their way around and fight for survival while facing so many restrictions from their fancy clothing. Also, make sure they won’t be sorry about the damage.

  1. Glitter party

A big favourite for the girls, glitter parties are unforgettable and leave behind a ton of gorgeous, scintillating and totally crazy photos. Whichever venue or style you pick, glitter is sure to enhance it and help you create your own fairy world… or just the ultimate disco mood. It’s all for the better if you decide to wear only lingerie.

  1. Cake fantasy

We are not talking here about getting into a cake fight, but we’re not going to stop you either. The idea is to arrange for a cake decorating session. This is great not only for girls, but for mixed groups too. There will probably be at least one naughty friend who will decide to put something fun, silly or outrageous on the cake. Let their imagination run wild and see what masterpiece is born. The photos will be precious.

There’s something for every taste in Sydney; get in touch with your inner dreams and fantasies and then tailor the party to suit your style and your friends’ desires.


Post Author: Jerry Spencer

Jerry Spencer