Oral sex can be risky enough – How to practice it safely

Although it is true that there can be nothing hornier than oral sex but at the same time, did you know that there are several sexually transmitted diseases which can be spread easily by practicing unsafe oral sex? Doctors and health physicians suggest men to wear a condom and women to ear dental dams or other barrier processes everytime they engage in oral sex as this can reduce the possibility of spreading the fatal STDs. Oral sex might carry a reduced risk of spreading HIV as compared to all the other forms of sex but if you do it repeatedly without any form of protection, this can increase the risk of getting affected easily. How should you practice safe oral sex? Read on.

Oral sex – What is it?

Oral sex, as the name suggests, involves the usage of your tongue, lips and mouth to either stimulate the penis or the vagina or even the anus of your partner. The testicles along with the penis and the vagina along with the surrounding part of the vagina are known as the genital area. Sexually active adults often practice oral sex and it can occur between straight as well as gay guys. 90% of the sexually active adults claim to have had oral sex at least once with their partner of the opposite sex and most of them were between 18 and 44 years of age.

The risk of STDs being spread during oral sex

There are several forms of sexually transmitted diseases and also other infections which may spread during oral sex. A person who is affected with any form of STD can get affected in the throat, mouth, rectum or genitals. The risk and possibility of getting STD from oral sex or spreading the disease through oral sex depends on several things like:

ü  The specific STD

ü  The kinds of sex acts which have been done

ü  The extent to which that particular STD is common among the respective population

ü  The total number and types of sex acts that were performed

How to reduce the risk of STDs

Choose any of the below mentioned methods as they can reduce the risk of getting affected with HIV and STIs.

§  You should use non-lubricated condoms if you want to get sucked and you can also try the flavored ones.

§  Use a plastic wrap or a dental dam when you get sucked or when you suck a woman.

§  Don’t take semen in your mouth if the man ejaculates inside your mouth.

§  Avert sucking in case you already suffer from sore gums or bleeding gums or if you’ve just visited a dentist.

§  Take a close look to find blisters or sores in the genital area, in the lips and in your mouth. Avoid having oral sex if you find sores and blisters.

So, now that you know the ways in which you can practice oral sex, follow them to the ‘T’ so that you can stay safe even while enjoying your sex life.


Post Author: Clare Louise