Seven Basic Things Gay Guys Love

The term basic is one which is rapidly becoming common currency on the internet, for better or for worse.  Mostly it is being to denigrate anybody who loves and enjoys something which is popular at the moment, and therefore, ‘basic’ but what wrong with loving something? What’s wrong with loving something that’s popular? We can’t all be hipsters, after all.  Think about it; if everyone liked the ‘cool’ and ‘quirky’ things that hipsters liked, then they would most likely be the ones drinking pumpkin spice lattes and wearing Uggs, making them basic too.

Anybody can be basic about anything – it’s entirely a matter of taste. Basicness isn’t bad, because it lets other people gain some idea of what we as individuals like before being close enough to have an idea of personal tastes. We don’t need to blame each other for things – guilty pleasures are fun, and pleasure is fun!

  1. Being shirtless

Seriously, any excuse to be shirtless is taken by gay men.  Sunshine? Top off. Clubbing? Top off. Exercising (more on that below)? Top off Office sex? Top off. Cooking? Top off (you need to explain that one to us, seriously). Any reason for the top to come off is grabbed with both hands.

  1. Exercise and sports

Exercising is good. Sports are good. We can all agree on this (more or less). But it is taken to a new high when gay men get involved. They talk about the sports they play and like all the time!  Every single kick, stroke, or weight which was ever kicked, stroked, or lifted has to be discussed in great detail, and as for the gym…no one takes more selfies than gay guys.

  1. Liking straight guys

Every gay guy has a story or ten about the time he fell for the cutest guy, only to find out that he was depressingly heterosexual. Sometimes, to them, it feels like it happens every time they’re out. What is it about straight guys?


Maybe it’s the unavailability.

  1. Tiny dogs

Weirdly enough, tiny dogs are often something which is a basic love of gay guys. Seriously, big dogs appear to be the purview of heterosexuals, given that most gay men appear to gravitate towards smaller dogs and puppies. The cuteness factor is maybe what draws them in, because small dogs are cute!  Generally speaking, the fluffier it is, the more they love it. Bonus points for yappiness too.

  1. Top 40 music

This seems to be a common theme.  Pop music is something which is common to many gay guys, and you’ll find them listening to it all the time. Take them to a club which plays it and they’ll be in heaven.

  1. Overly plucked eyebrows

This one is slightly more unfortunate than the others – overly plucked eyebrows are a thing, and they definitely look weird. Unless the guy wants to look like a Vulcan.

  1. Sex and the City

Everyone seems to be into this series, to the point of having discussions over who would be which character in their group of friends.

Post Author: Melinda Covington

Melinda Covington