Thoughts of White Women Who are in a Relationship with Black Men

We do not know with whom we will fall in love. A white man might fall for a black woman or a black man might fall for a white woman or wiser versa. In a relationship between white woman and a black man which is an interracial relationship, there are so many disgusting things which society discuss about. This is only an act of a few foolish people, but because of this so many black men hide their feelings towards his white crush and so many white women hide their feelings for her black handsome. But these facts might change your conditions and you will get guts to express your feelings to each other. Following are some thoughts of white women who are in a relationship with black men.

  • Culture does not matter

When a white woman is dating a black man, as mentioned before, there are some people who criticize these relationships. One thing that they are pointing out is the culture differences. Although it is an issue for these stupid people, white women who have relationships with black men do not care his culture and tradition. She respect them and it is not an issue for her.

  • Loves having babies with her black man

This is another thing that people questions her about. They have issues on the color of the baby; whether the baby will be a white one or black one. No matter what color the baby is, if she gets it from her black man, she will accept that with love and happiness.

  • Does not care what people of her race think

When a white woman gets in to a relationship with a black man, she always gets obligations from the people of her race or from her family. But if she is so sure with her decision, nothing can change her love towards her black boyfriend.

  • Does not care what black women say

It is always the race between the black and the white thing. There are some black women who feel jealous and who are not OK about the relationships between white women and black men. Because they try to claim that black men belong to them. White women who are in relationships with black men do not care these activities and they stay faithful to their man.

These are some thoughts of white women who have relationships with black man. As interracial dating sites, these people should be encouraged. So if you are a black man and you have feelings for a white woman, do not hesitate to spell it out.

Post Author: Jerry Spencer

Jerry Spencer